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Evot Diecast Models is the largest Crane and Truck Parts Accessories manufacturer in the USA.
We manufacture most of our 1/50th and 1/87th scale model products in the USA.
We offer most of our products in a wide range of Authentic OEM Company paint colors such as Liebherr, Lampson, Mammoet, Link Belt and all Caterpillar Yellow.
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IMC Models Transformer. The Perfect Load! 1:50th, MIB. Limited. IMC Models - Liebherr LTM1250-5.1 Mobile Crane w/Vans - Sarens - 1:87. Now In Stock WSI - Thomen - Liebherr LTM1250-5.1 Crane - 1:87th Scale.
Sword - Ford F250 Sarens Escort Set. In Stock and limited. IMC Models Robbins Tunnel Boring Machine The Perfect Load! 1:50th, MIB. Limited. IMC Models - Mammoet SPMT Heavy Split Trailer Set . 1:50th.
IMC Models - Demag - Mammoet AC250-5. 1:50th. IMC Models - Scheuerle Intercombi PB w/Wind Adaptor & Wing. 1:50th. In Stock IMC Models - Demag - AC220-5. 1:50th. Back In Stock.
Mammoet - Mercedes-Benz Arocs 8x4 with K25 60 Liner Trailer and Four 1000HP PPUs w/Reactor Load