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Evot Diecast Models is the largest Crane and Truck Parts Accessories manufacturer in the USA.

We manufacture most of our 1/50th and 1/87th scale model products in the USA.

We offer most of our products in a wide choice of Authentic OEM Company paint colors such as Liebherr, Lampson, Mammoet, Link Belt and all Caterpillar Yellow.

  • Some model category's will receive product discounts from listed retail price, some category's will receive free shipping.
  • Discounts or Free shipping will show as you place items in one shopping cart as well as combined shipping cost's.
  • Evot sells only new factory sealed boxed models, however we are adding a Scratch & Dent Category soon.
  • Please shop with us often for New Model Arrivals.

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Evot - Siamese Double Hook Block Crane 1:50th / 1:48th Lifting Chain Adapter. Many Authentic Paint Colors To Choose. Sword Trailer Straps and Hooks. 1/50th - Accessory Pack Evot - Crane Lifting Straps - 6 Piece Set. Choose your Color
Evot - Lifting Shackle - 700 Ton, 2 Piece Set. Multiple Color Choice. Evot - D - Lifting Shackle - 700 Ton, 2 Piece Set. Multiple Color Choice. YCC Shackle - 500 Ton, 2 Piece Set - 1:50 Scale.
YCC Shackle - 300 Ton, 4 Piece Set - 1:50 Scale. YCC - Liebherr Hook Block - Single line hook 14.3 ton. YCC - Hook Block. 1:50th, 1:48th. YCC Rope-Cable Finally -10 Pieces per set 1:50 Scale.
Evot - Crane & Truck Trailer Chain Load Binders. Authentic Manufacturers OEM Colors YCC Terex / Demag AC200 Metal Cylinder. YCC Metal Cylinder for Liebherr 1200-5.1, 1:50 Scale
YCC LIEBHERR LTM 1160 Metal Replacement Cylinder. 1:50 Scale. YCC TADANO FAUN ATF100-5 Metal Cylinder  Replacement Cylinder. 1:50 Scale. YCC  Replacement Cylinder Mammoet. 1:50 Scale.
YCC Terex / Demag AC100/4 Metal Cylinder. Brass. Evot - Log & Trailer Chain Set for Trailer Loads. Choose Your Color. Evot - All Steel Traffic Barrels (6) Orange w/Reflective Strips 1:50th
Evot Shackle 55 ton set of 10 1:50th Scale. Choose Your Colors. YCC Models Shackle Set 25 ton. Set of 10. Many OEM Colros YCC -  Hook Block - 3 sheaves 71ton - Yellow/Red/White Stripe
YCC Shackle Set -100 Ton, 10 Pieces, 1:50 Scale. Choose OEM Colors. Evot - Crane Lifting Chains. Many OEM Colors To Choose. Crane Accessories YCC Shackle Set of 12. 4 ea 100t, 50t, 25t. Choose OEM Colors
Evot - Crane Lifting Chains & Straps. 4" Brass Spreader Bar Set. Choose Your Color! Preiser - Construction Work Crew (6). In Hardhats. YCC Shackle -150-200 Ton, Ten Piece Set-1:50 Scale.
YCC Models Terex AC200 Replacement Metal Cylinder. Terex Cream YCC Models Hook Block - 5 sheave Yellow/Black - 108 ton Evot - 1/50th Adjustable Trailer & Equipment Tensioners. Many OEM Colors to Choose